Released in May 2012, distributed by the Italian progressive label Ma.Ra.Cash. Records

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It features for the first time the voice of Marco Pedrini, “new entry” of the band.
The album opens with Cries, originally included into the first album . Great guitar work along with mellow sounds, describing a world in which a soldier is deeply reflecting on the meaning of his life and war. Compared to the original one, here we have a sweet and acoustic inner part.
Anastasius Epitaph, the second one, shocks the listener for the using of odd time during the verses, yet opening on the chorus on a solid 4/4 magnificently supported by the drum playing of Vedani. Musically has an hard rock flavour, lyrically is a sheer picture of damnation, inspired by the master work La Divina Commedia, by Dante Alighieri.
Without any break, The Great Bear Rising is the natural continuation, as an instrumental piece. The guitar solo of Strobel leads the song over the limit of imagination, giving an extraordinary choise of melodies over a perfect sequence of chords.
Sumptuous Moment is the longest song of the work, is introduced by a poem of Emily Dickinson. It is a progressive sound a la 70′ with rock elements, including an evocative but aggressive guitar solo by Nodari and intense vocals of Pedrini . Power of nature and human reflections are perfectly described in this 20 minutes number.
Lovers, as well as track number one, it was originally included into the first album. Introduced by the Portuguese guitar, played by Strobel, guides the listener trough a novel of a knight looking for his love , his battle to be won. Powerful voices and tight beat of the bass played by Favrin are among the driving forces of this epic rock song.
Just before the end, Dream Tale is like an old time fairy tale , to be told beside the fireplace… The shortest song of Twenty Flying Kings express a desire to live our dream , to believe in what we truly could be. Great atmosphere with delicate touch of guitar’s harmonics.
Alviss’ Revenge: it has a special meaning being here as final track, as it was originally released as first song on the first Court album. Great screenplay , starring Alviss and his enemies. A Canvas of sounds and inspiration , a long guitars solo end this album.

Marco Pedrini: vocals
Mosé Nodari: electric, acoustic and classic guitars, oboe, recorders, keyboards, piano and backing vocals
Marco Strobel: electric, acoustic and classic guitars, mandolin and salterio
Jacopo Favrin: bass guitar
Francesco Vedani: drums and percussions, flute

Additional musicians:
Luigi Bonacina: bass guitar
Giandomenico Fraschini: piano