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Review from Baby Blaue, Germany

It Is the third album of the Italian prog band Court. It was released in 2007, ten years after Court’s previous album “Distances”.
The line up features a new guitarist, Marco Strobel who took the place of Andrea Costanza, and some guest musicians.
The album opens with “Limbo” , strummed guitar to open as vocals and a fuller sound arrive quickly. It does turn aggressive and 3 1/2 minutes in we get emotional vocals.
Men I Met” is a short uptempo vocal track.
Walking And Talking” is the third track, Court slow it down here. It does kick in at 1 1/2 minutes with emotion then it settles back as contrasts continue.
When I Lose” is laid back to start with vocals. It picks up before 1 1/2 minutes and the guitar comes to the fore after 3 minutes when the vocals stop. Flute replaces the guitar until after 4 1/2 minutes when the guitar returns and lights it up with mellotron.
Past Days” is an instrumental piece. It has a good beat with some intense outbreaks.
Wet Of Sky” opens with acoustic guitar as reserved vocals join in.
My World” is laid back with strummed guitar and vocals. This sounds much better when it picks up. Some nice guitar after 4 1/2 minutes.
Bridge To Maya” opens with the sound of birds and mellotron. It kicks in louder at 2 1/2 minutes. A heavier sound before 6 1/2 minutes.
Synaptic Ghost” sounds cool as the vocals join in. A heavier sound comes and goes.
Sun Beyond Time” is the tenth track , in which the guitar leads before 3 minutes then it settles back with vocals 5 minutes in and builds beautifully. More great guitar late.
Flat Stones” has acoustic guitar, reserved vocals and oboe that comes and goes. It’s fuller after 2 minutes
Mad And Child” is a 24 minute, 4 song suite to end the album. It opens with “You” which is fairly laid back and it does get heavier late. “Mother Nature” has some mandolin in it and it’s mellow until picking up late. “Father” is pastoral with acoustic guitar and more reserved vocals. “Myself” has lots of percussion and intricate acoustic guitar. Vocals join in and then it kicks in after 2 1/2 minute.

Paolo Lucchina: vocals
Mosé Nodari: electric, acoustic and classic guitars, oboe, recorders, keyboards, piano and backing vocals
Marco Strobel: electric, acoustic and classic guitars, mandolin
Luigi Bonacina: bass guitar
Francesco Vedani: drums and percussions, flute and synth

Additional musicians:
Andrea “Boll” Balliano: guitars
Francesco Nodari: accordion
Marco Sessa: Synth
Andrea Cajelli: percussions
Giorgio Salvetti: GATTOPARDO engine