Four years after their debut album Court released a second work called “Distances” featuring less folk and medieval influences and a softer and more refined rock sound .
Here the listener can find “wider spaces”, “purer sounds” and “crimson reveries” in “a cage of beauty and grace”.
After the short instrumental opener “Shantàl (Far)”, the hypnotic and melancholic “The Turn I Was Gifted” leads you in a dreamy mood, followed by “Joy”, “The Spell Of The Rain” and the acoustic instrumental “View Gone”.
Words and sounds draw moony soundscapes where acoustic guitars and flutes are in the forefront.
Then comes the amazing long and complex epic “Sumptuous Moment”, inspired by the poetry of Emily Dickinson, closer to the sound of the previous album where folk influences are blended with a strong classical and romantic flavour. Follows the other epic “Carved Box” and the soft instrumental “Close”.

Paolo Lucchina: vocals
Mosé Nodari: electric, acoustic and classic guitars, oboe, recorders, keyboards, piano and backing vocals
Andrea Costanza: electric and acoustic guitars
Luigi Bonacina: bass guitar
Francesco Vedani: drums and percussions, flute

Additional musicians:
Giorgio Salvetti: keyboards and flute
Alberto Maroni Biroldi: percussions