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Review from Exposè

The short instrumental opener “Rising The Tale” introduces to the long and complex epic “Alviss’ Revenge” that tells a cruel story inspired by Nordic Sagas.
“Lovers” is a beautiful and tragic prayer, a peculiar ballad with a dramatic “Romantic” feeling while the next track, the dreamy “Eckol”.
The long and complex “Cries” is an “anti-war epic” song: while music goes through many changes of rhythm and atmosphere lyrics describe the celebration for the return of a victorious army, in the crowd someone can’t stand it, a soldier who is speaking up against his mind.
“Willow Tears” is an instrumental piece for acoustic guitar, while “Mirth For A Guest” is another short and joyful piece “The Song Of The Omniscient Dwarf” is a long ballad that tells the story of a dwarf cheated by the God Odin and petrified by the sun.
The instrumental “R.” and “Fading The Tale” close this first work.

Paolo Lucchina: vocals
Mosé Nodari: electric, acoustic and classic guitars, oboe, recorders, keyboards, piano and backing vocals
Andrea Costanza: electric and acoustic guitars
Luigi Bonacina: bass guitar
Francesco Vedani: drums and percussions, flute


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